Anne de Montarlot


After working in the finance and the advertising industry in New York I decided to re-purpose my life and change career as I was moving back to Europe. Initially, I never thought I’d be studying the field of psychology but with the benefit of insights, it is fair to say that people’s lives always fascinated me.  As a child and youngster I enjoyed reading books. It was a place where I discovered the diversity of the human experience. It opened a window into people’s feelings, dreams, contradictions, dramas and all kind of predicaments.  These stories were impactful. As Dali says; “ there is nothing as surreal as reality”.   It enabled me to identify myself to some aspects of the character’s experiences and begin my journey of self-discovery.  That was, and still is an invaluable presence and source of understanding of the human condition.

“It takes time to live. Like any work of art, life needs to be thought about”. Albert Camus

“He who has Why to live, can bear with almost any How”. V Frankel

Anne de Montarlot

Finding Your Way

My approach uses proven Humanistic, Existential and CBT techniques. Between the weight of the past and the anxiety of the future, a therapeutic analysis increases self- understanding, which in turn can bring an emotional shift, a reduction of symptoms and a new sense of well-being. I believe that behind qualifications, therapy is essentially a safe and contained place; sheltered away from the usual pressures and expectations, where you can be heard and seen in a meaningful way. At times, we may feel that what we go through is “not as bad” as other people’s life experiences. However, comparing and opting that you are somehow more fortunate and therefore not entitled to talk about it, does invalidate what you are going through.

“A mind is like a parachute. it doesn’t work if it doesn’t open”. Franz Kafka

Over the years, I have kept updating my knowledge by following continuing education. Areas such as relational trauma and its embodiment, neuroscience, identity traumas, positive psychology, or the science of well-being are some of the interests I pursue. Growth mindset, emotional intelligence, intellectual flexibility, resilience are all important aspects of shaping one’s reality. I also have peer and individual supervision.

I have been through life transitions, exposing me to anxiety, confusion and a feeling of being somewhat disconnected at times, as well as finding new perspectives. I believe that with the right support and help, one can thrive and not live life by default. Sometimes, we need to revisit some elements of our worldviews, values, beliefs and make sense of feelings and thoughts that may be overwhelming and disempowering at some point in life. Belonging is a not about fitting in; it means being your authentic self by finding a sense of connectedness from this place of knowing yourself.

“To dare is to loose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself”. Soren Kierkegaard

“The unexamined life is not worth living”. Socrates

Self –awareness and moving past your fears is crucial to take possession of your life. You set the scene for more opportunities. Therapy is a confidential place, a collaboration, where your predicament is exclusive and important to me.

“our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude” Victor Frankel

Professional Qualifications

MA in psychotherapy and Counselling with Distinction

UKCP reg. (accreditation)United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

MBTI psychometric qualified

September 2018-present: Affiliated with the institute of Coaching at McLean, Harvard medical school affiliate.

Issues I work with

Lack of self-esteem (fear of failure, perfectionism, fear of change, impostor syndrome, lack of self-confidence and assertiveness)

Anxiety: panic attacks, stress, general anxiety disorder, PTSD


Couple Therapy | inter-relational tensions (couple therapy, miscommunication, anger management, conflict, bullying, burn-out) I have given various Seminars on couple work

Work/life balance

Fertility, parenthood, traumatic birth, post- natal depression

Trauma: relational trauma, adverse childhood experiences, divorce, accidents, grief

Emotional eating: I am affiliated with the London Obesity Clinic on Harley street

Get in Touch

I work from two practices in Sloane square as well as my home practice.

I also do remote work via Zoom/Skype or Whatsapp
Mobile: 07713 246 108
Health Insurance: Cigna, Alliance

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