Difficult choices and life decisions are part of our life journey and personal growth. The ability to manage one’s life involves having clarity on one’s aspirations, direction and purpose which in turn facilitate decision making.

Managing your life with well-defined objectives can immensely improve your well –being and is a mark of self-care; you are your best investment.

My role is to coach you and help you become the curator of your own life and achieve your unique definition of success.

Often, between your unfulfilled ambitions and yourself, lie some limiting beliefs rooted in low self-esteem or/and some form of social angst.

Coaching helps you figure out what you want, your direction, your purpose and how to get there, identifying the winning strategies and keeping you motivated. It provides structure and accountability.

It is a step-by-step approach to articulate what you want to achieve, explore your talents and strengths.

It is the path of bringing out what is best in you (your potential) and become the confident agent of your life.

I am passionate to help you determine and achieve your goals, in your career or/and in your life to experience as much as possible a general sense of well-being.

I may use psychometrics, insights from cognitive psychology as well as Positive Psychology approach.

Specific goals I have helped my clients in their careers

Students Orientation

Gain insights to help you find your passion

Help you get a compass towards what kind of academic path is most suited

Job and Career

Choosing a new career direction/change

Evaluating a specific job search planning strategy with a risk/reward ration for each of them

Improving job performance

Dealing with a boss who micro-manages your work and kills your motivation

CV and interviews preparation

Moving and adapting from middle management role to a more senior position

Managing politics at work

Leaving Corporates for entrepreneurship

Improving personal efficiency

Mapping out what is the strategic context of the company and what are the areas of development required

Developing leadership skills

Improving communication

Giving and receiving feedback

Improving relational skills for team building and social competence

Increasing self- confidence for public/board presentations

Rebranding a work identity/ or re-purposing an existing role

Raising your profile to your employer and getting the right promotion

 Adapting to the environment

Adapting to a new culture and work culture

Managing emotions and conflict at work


Dressing for success

Identifying and getting the right training

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I work from two practices in Sloane square as well as my home practice.

I also do remote work via Zoom/Skype or Whatsapp
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